5 Dishes Every Tour Operator In Kolkata Will Advice You To Try

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5 Dishes Every Tour Operator In Kolkata Will Advice You To Try

If you think that the scenic beauty of Kolkata is only responsible for attracting numerous tourists over the years, just get in touch with a renowned tour operator and they will let you know that 'the city of joy' has to lot more to offer. Whether you have a love for sweet dishes or traditional curries, there is something to spoil everyone. You will get to treat your taste buds while you visit the places of tourist interest and create some memories which you can cherish for years to come.

Plan A Trip To Kolkata And Get To Enjoy The Delicious Dishes Stated Below

  • Macher Jhol
  • The fish curry is a traditional culinary delight you should definitely try during your trip to Kolkata, especially if you are a seafood lover. Visit any restaurant offering Bengali food items and get to relish a plate of rice and fish at a very nominal price. The curry is generally a bit spicy as they are seasoned using garlic, grated ginger, turmeric and onion. Potatoes and tomatoes are also used while the dish is being prepared.

  • Biriyani
  • If you have recently opted for Sikkim Darjeeling Tour Packages and fallen in love with the Biriyani there, the one served in Kolkata will always be a heart winner. The aroma is indeed quite captivating and the juicy pieces of mutton and chicken taste the best when served hot. The rice is perfectly cooked before seasoning it with strands of saffron and rose water. The aloo (potato) in the biriyani is what sets it apart.

  • Kosha Mangsho
  • If you have a liking for mutton, just get in touch with the best tour operator in Kolkata and ask them to suggest a renowned place where you can relish a plate of Kosha Mangsho or Mutton Curry. Though mutton is the main ingredient, vegetables like onions and tomatoes are also used before topping it with various spices. The dense brown colour makes the dish look more appealing and delicious.

  • Shukto
  • Tourists looking for a Bengali vegetarian dish which is a part of their traditional cuisine should definitely try Shukto. Few vegetables you can expect in the dish are bottle gourd, bitter gourd, pumpkin and potato, among others. What makes this dish unique is that it is partly sweet and partly bitter and taste best when served with the traditional flat bread or rice. Even tour operators feel that trying Shukto during your trip to Kolkata is as important as trying out momo if you are undertaking North Sikkim Tour Packages.

  • Jhalmuri
  • Jhalmuri is not just another famous street food in Kolkata but one of the snacks you can relish while travelling around the streets of this beautiful city. Muri or puffed rice is used as the main ingredient and mixed with coriander, peanuts and others spice so that you can fulfil your appetite quickly. Since you are now aware of the delicious items you can enjoy during your trip to Kolkata, it's time you start looking for a reliable tour operator who can plan a perfect trip itinerary for you.

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