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Why Should You Book North Sikkim Tour Packages This Holiday Season

The vacations are almost here and it's once again that time of the year when you should start planning for your next trip. Thinking of visiting a place which is dramatic, varied and remarkable beautiful? Going on a trip to North Sikkim can be the experience of a lifetime. Wondering why you should visit this tiny little region during the upcoming holiday season? Read on.

Blessed with mystic environs, silence-embedded surroundings and heavenly landscape, North Sikkim is widely known as a place where heaven touches the Earth. Whether you are a mountain lover, an adventure enthusiast or a nature lover, a trip to this north-eastern part of India can be the experience of a lifetime. Opting for assorted North Sikkim tour packages even gives you the chance to explore the green valleys, enchanting mountains and cascading waterfalls, all adorned by the grand Teesta River.

Here're some top reasons as to why you should plan a trip to North Sikkim!

North Sikkim Tour Packages

4 Good Reasons Every Vacationer Should Book North Sikkim Tour Packages

  1. To Observe The Beautiful Landscape
  2. North Sikkim is the land of unrivalled scenic beauty. Regardless of the season you visit, the charisma of nature doesn't seem to fade even for once in this mountainous region. The place is nothing short of a paradise for nature lovers. Be it the pristine landscape of Singhik, the confluence of Lachen River and Lachung or the splendour of Gurudongmar Lake, witnessing the spectacular landscape of North Sikkim will surely amaze you.

  3. For Getting Adrenaline Pumping
  4. The wilderness of North Sikkim makes it a popular travel destination for adventure enthusiasts. Mountaineering, jeep safaris and trekking are great ways to get the adrenaline rush you have been craving for. Some of the best treks her are- Yumthang, Lachung, Snowlion Cave Camp and Tsethang. What's more, these trekking expeditions will even give you the opportunity to witness an abundance of flowers and breathtaking views of various peaks.

  5. To Experience A Spiritual Revival
  6. A common belief exists that nature has a strong connection has a strong connection with spirituality. This is because; the more beautiful a place is, the more spiritual will you feel there. And the best way to experience this is by visiting the two major monasteries – Labrang and Phodong Gompa.

    The Phodong Gompa monastery is popular for the intricate murals which adorn the walls. During the festivity, you may experience the essence of God in everything and even feel cleansed. The Labrang monastery is another holy place which you can visit for spiritual revival. Popular for its rich frescoes and architectural style, it can be a great place for \spending some time in solitude.

  7. For Spending Time In Solitude
  8. Can anything be more remarkable than spending some solitude amidst a serene place? Book North Sikkim tour packages and drive to Chopta Valley for spending some quality moments in the virgin land. Here, you can witness a riot of colours throughout spring and walk over the frozen river in winter. Lachung is another beautiful place where you can spend some time in solitude amidst snow-capped mountains, silvery streams and gorgeous waterfalls.

    So what are you still here for? It's time to book a comprehensive North Sikkim tour package.

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